When it comes to roofing, choosing a credible roofing company to repair, install and maintain it, is of paramount importance. Not only should your roof be aesthetically pleasing but it MUST protect your home, office, school or industrial building from hazardous weather and other external conditions.

For 26 years, Alfrasure Structures and Roofing has delivered excellent roofing service which includes:

  1. manufacturing roofing material
  2. distributing superior roofing products
  3. designing, repairing and installing roofs

Manufacture of roofing material:

Alfrasure manufactures aluminium and alu-steel sheeting of 3 different profiles: multi-rib, circular and industrial 6. Other major roofing accessories that are also manufactured by us are: gutters, down pipes, brackets, outlets, fascia etc. Call us today to get a quote!

Distribution of Superior Roofing Products

Alfrasure is the exclusive distributor of Tamko Roofing Products specializing in metal, wooden and fibreglass shingles for residential and commercial buildings.

Designing, Repairing and Installing

Alfrasure is committed to inspecting and assessing damages, suggests the accessories and products (colour and style) and offers the best, cost effective measures and modes of application to meet our clients' budgetary needs.

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