Alfrasure Structures and Roofing Limited (Alfrasure) is a family operated full service Roofing, Construction and Consultation Company that was established on September 3, 1985 and is now situated at 12A Slipe Road, Kingston 5. For the past 26 years, Alfrasure has been a leader in the Construction Industry engaging in the following activities:

  1. Structural Steel Fabrication
  2. Civil Engineering Services
  3. Housing Solutions

The company is a member of Jamaica Masterbuilders Association (JMA) and is classified by the Ministry of Transport & Works in the areas of:

  1. Roofing Installation - Grade A
  2. Structural Steel - Grade A
  3. Fabrication and Erection - Grade A
  4. General Construction - Grade B

The company is also accredited by the National Contracts Commission (NCC), to tender on Government contracts of up to $90m. The Company is included on the Register of Public Sector Contractors in the following categories and grades:

  Category     Grade
  1. Roofing
  1. Steel Fabrication
  1. Steel Erection
  1. Building Construction
  1. Interior Construction Works
  1. General Road Works
  1. Pipe Laying

In addition, Alfrasure has been placed on the list of Approved Suppliers of goods to the Government of Jamaica, in the category of Hardware Haberdashery and is included on the lists of companies authorised to tender on contracts for the following corporate entities:

  1. Ministry of Housing & Water
  2. Ministry of Works
  3. Ministry of Health
  4. Ministry of Education
  5. Port Authority of Jamaica
  6. Sugar Industry Housing Limited
  7. Alcan Jamaica Company
  8. Alumina Partners of Jamaica
  9. Kaiser Limited
  10. Jamaica Public Service Company Limited
  11. Airports Authority of Jamaica
  12. Ministry of Finance & Planning
  13. Heart Trust
  14. Jamaica Aluminium Company
  15. Jamaica Social Investment Fund
  16. Urban Development Corporation Limited
  17. National Works Agency


Despite the incidence of construction gaps where effective management of workplace safety and health, Alfrasure ensures that every work environment is safe and healthy by empowering management (supervisors, foremen etc.). By acknowledging the importance of safe working conditions, Alfrasure reduces the frequency and severity of job site incidents, reduces overhead costs and reduce talent turnover


The Company to date has enjoyed success with the projects undertaken and we intend to extend our services to include the petroleum industry with the expertise that we have added to our skills bank. This success is due to:

  1. The professionalism demonstrated by the staff.
  2. The restructuring of the company to ensure a higher level of efficiency.
  3. The high standard for which we strive and have maintained
  4. The quality of work supplied
  5. Continued research and development of our products
The Management continues to strive to maintain and exceed the high standards, which we have set. Accordingly, we ensure that the cadre of technical and other staff are of a very good calibre, and highly skilled.

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