Whether it's repairing a roof, building your new dream house from the ground up, adding distinction to your corporate office with a stylish renovation, building industrial warehouses, erecting school buildings or spearheading housing developments, we're here to help. Our professional team and installers work with Homeowners, Builders, Designers, Architects and Remodelers throughout the island. We go through all the various construction steps in order to complete the project within the timeline while ensuring the most luxurious finishes.

As a general Contracting Company, Alfrasure automatically covers the following areas: Tiling, Painting, Kitchen installation, Bathroom installation, Electrical, Plumbing, Driveways and pavements, Grill work, Ceiling (various designs), Traditional Construction (block and steel), Structural fabrication (use of structural metal (H beams, I beams Purling and channels, welding nuts and bolts to construct buildings).

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